How to Change the Name of the WiFi?

SSID stands for Service Set Identifier and represents a string of up to 32 characters. Every computer on the network must have the same SSID to communicate. When you connect to the Internet you may notice that there are several WIFI networks available; here is where the SSID comes into play that allows you to give a name (easy to remember) to every WIFI network.

Broadcast SSID vs hidden SSID

There are many doubts about whether it is better to hide the name of your network or leave it visible. In reality, the SSID was not created for security reasons but only to facilitate the search for your network. Any hacker, but also a person with a minimum of basic networking can see all the 192.168.l.254 networks available even if configured as hidden: this is because in reality it is not possible to completely hide the SSID otherwise the WIFI network would not work !.

Create an original SSID

Most routers have a default SSID. For example, most Linksys routers have the default “linksys” SSID. Better to change it to prevent someone trying to come in with the idea that you have left the standard settings (DO NOT EVER DO IT!) Always remember to change the router password on first use).

Here are some common sense rules when creating the name of your WIFI network:

Do not include personal information, including your address, phone number or even your name, such as the WiFi of Mario Rossi. This gives the potential hacker a clue as to what to try to find the password.
Use an original SSID. You can use both names / phrases and strange codes

Examples of funny SSIDs

Mom uses this WIFI
Pretty Fly for a Wi-Fi
I Believe Wi Can Fi
LAN Solo
Silence of the LANs
House LANister
Winternet Is Coming
This LAN Is My LAN
The Promised LAN
FBI Surveillance Van 2
Area 51 Test Site
Loading …
Searching …
Virus-Infected Wi-Fi
Starbucks Wi-Fi
Password is 1234
Public Wi-Fi
No Free Wi-Fi Here
It Hurts When IP